5 Ways that a Cloth Nappy Pack will make your life easier

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1 - You know you want to use cloth nappies on your baby, but you are exhausted by choice.

Everyone has their favourite brand of cloth nappy, everyone has their opinions. You just want to get some cloth nappies, so that your baby can poo in them.

Say goodby to decision fatigue and HELLO to our mixed brand Complete Cloth Nappy Packs where we have done the hard work for you.


Cloth Nappy

Complete cloth nappy pack - from newborn to toddler

2 - You want to use cloth nappies on your baby from day one. Some of our Complete Cloth Nappy Packs have components that work well with newborn covers for those early days. This means that you can start how you mean to continue- using cloth nappies from birth. We will send you some videos and instructions on how this works.

Cloth Nappy

Get your Cloth Nappy Complete Pack as a gift or through our gift registry

3 – Your friends and family want to buy you and your baby something that you'll actually use and love. If they pitch in to get you a Complete Cloth Nappy Pack, you will be ready to use cloth from birth AND have some extra accountability to make sure you use them.

Cloth Nappy

You get help and support using your cloth nappies

4 - You've got your nappies, baby has arrived and now what? With all our complete cloth nappy packs you get our support guarantee

- You get a one on one phone or personal consultation to get you started

- You can call, message or email at any time after this for ongoing support

- You can access our how-to videos and infographics


Cloth Nappy


You get our most popular cloth nappy brands in the one pack

5 – You want to get a couple of different cloth nappy brands, but also want the savings of bulk pricing. 

We have worked hard to get the best deals with our beloved manufacturers so that we can give you great prices for your mixed brand Cloth Nappy Packs.

By pairing up our favourite and most popular brands, you can get the most out of the different styles.