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Baby Beehinds Wetbag

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We love Baby Beehinds Wetbags as they are big and sturdy with lovely thick PUL.

Water-resistant wet bag with zippered closure. Handy to put your wet/dirty nappies in when out-and-about. Will fit 6-8 nappies. Great for daycare!

Large PUL wetbags measure approx 44cm x 34cm and holds 6-8 nappies. Perfect for daycare days!

Large Minkee wetbags measure approx 28cm x 38cm and holds 4-6 nappies

XL Hanging wetbags measure approx 52cm x 74 cm and hold 24 nappies - perfect for at your change table or for trips away.

  • Dimensions 52cm x 74cm
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BBH wetbag flutterby.jpg
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