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Little Waves Swim Set


Size Small to fit 8-12kg

Make waves with these gorgeous swimsuit sets. Every parent wants their child to look gorgeous hitting the water without compromising their sun protection, and we have combined the need for a good swim nappy with the want of comfort and coordinated swim accessories.

The components are made from spandex, so they look and feel like a swimsuit. No need to buy a separate swim nappy: these sets have one built in.

Each set comes with a matching hatrash shirt, and swim nappy.

The rash shirt is 50+ UV resistant. The shoulders are double lined where protection is needed most. It features gorgeous embroidery and trim to match the hat and nappy.

The swim nappy is lined to ensure no accidents can escape. Each nappy comes in a featured print. Nappies are sized to give a firm fit, for optimum comfort and aesthetics.

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Baby Bare swim critters.jpg
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