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Pikapu Mattress Protector

from 34.95

We recommend having two protectors so you have a spare when one becomes soiled.

Having some troubles at night time? Tired of changing the entire bed every time there is a accident. We have the solution for you. Our protectors are designed to go on top of the sheets for a quick bed change without having to change the sheets.

One Size fitting from a cot to King Single bed. Measures 165 cm long x 85 cm wide featuring 100% cotton top layer and 100% polyester absorbent core. Backed with a PUL water resistant barrier to contain any fluids.

Featuring a highly absorbent inner core, holding up to 2 litres comfortably. Breathable cotton outer perfect for sensitive skin types, snap in strap to hold protector firmly in place, sits on top of fitted sheet for a quick change time and fully adjustable, making it suitable to fit a cot to king single. The Pikapu protectors are the perfect choice for keeping beds protected and little ones comfortable though out the night. Available in red, white, navy and Marine Green.

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