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Tots Bots Flushable Liners


Tots Bots biodegradable soft liners allow wetness to pass through into the absorbent part of the nappy, and catch the solids. You can simple flush the soild liner down the toilet and then you just have a wet nappy to deal with.

Tots Bots liners are 100% viscose rayon, a cellulose fibre derived from natural sources. They are very soft to the feel.

They come on a perforated roll of 100 sheets

Each liner is approximately 12cms x 29cms

Note: Please exercise caution when flushing of any biodegradable liner, especially in old or damaged pipework and in septic systems. To minimise the number you flush, you can compost wet liners, and leave the soiled liners in the toilet bowl for a few minutes before flushing to soften.

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tots liners.jpg