What type of cloth nappy shopper are you?

The “OMG, there's too much choice... I have to go lie down” Cloth Nappy Shopper

You want to use cloth nappies on your baby, but are exhausted by choice. Everyone has their favourite brand of cloth nappy and everyone has their opinions.

You just want to get some cloth nappies, so that your baby can poo in them.

Every time you go online to do research, hours go by, and you end up more confused than when you started.

TRY: our Complete Bulk Packages

We have done the hard work for you and paired some of our favourite and most popular brands, so that you can get the most out of the different styles. You can stop thinking... and get started using cloth nappies.

Bonus is a phone consultation to get you started and support along the way.

Cloth Nappy Shopper


You are in heaven spending days down an internet rabbit hole, reading all about the different cloth nappy styles. To be honest, you can make every brand of cloth nappy work for you, you're really just about the prints.

You're on a first name basis with all the delivery people, and have been known to pay more than retail price for a desired nappy that is no longer in print.

TRY:our Mixer Trial Packs, or go to All Cloth Nappies so you can check out all the brands, one-by-one to see which nappy you will fall in love with next.

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Cloth Nappy Shopper

The “Where's my spreadsheet?” Cloth Nappy Shopper

You like to take a systematic approach. You get some nappies, you use them, you fill out your spreadsheet, you cross reference with sale prices and reviews until you come to a clear and indisputable decision.

You have worked out the exact cost of using disposable nappies & wipes, calculated the laundering costs and know the exact savings you will make switching to cloth nappies.

TRY: our Cloth Nappy Trial Library. You get 20 different styles/brands to hire, and can take your time trying them on your baby... and recording the data.

You can also look at one of our Mixer Trial packages, if you'd prefer to purchase new nappies and still try a range of brands .

Cloth Nappy Shopper

The “Must find the perfect cloth nappy” Shopper

You've done lots of research and have decided that you are going to wait until your baby arrives before you try a range of nappies.

It's important to you to get the nappy that fits perfectly, and has the best functionality. You're not too worried about the amount you invest in cloth nappies initially. Having quality nappies that wear well and fit well is your main priority.

TRY: our Mixer Trial Packs. You can choose out of our set Eco or Deluxe mixer packs, or build your own Custom Trial Pack.

Cloth Nappy Shopper

The “I want to have everything ready before bub comes,” Cloth Nappy Shopper

You want to use cloth nappies, and don't want to give yourself any excuses not to. Your parents are going chip in as their gift for the baby and will work as extra accountability to make sure you use them.

You're not sure how you will go with this whole parenthood caper and want to make it as easy as possible to use cloth successfully.

You have your nappies ready & prepped before the baby comes, and have already practiced putting them on a teddy.

Try: Our Complete Cloth Nappy Packs with newborn options. Or custom make your own.

Look into using our Gift Registry for your baby shower.

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