How many cloth nappies do I need?

If you want to use cloth full time, the magic number of 24 nappies is commonly bandied around. I found that 30 nappies worked best for me, especially in the early months with a newborn.

Those gorgeous, tiny, squishy newborn babies tend to use loads of nappies, however this number decreases as your baby gets older.

·      Newborn babies may need 10-12 nappy changes per day

·      A 3-6 month old baby may need 8-10 nappy changes per day

·      A 6 month + baby uses 6-8 nappies per day

I recommend getting 24 nappies to start off with. As your baby is born and you start using the nappies you can adjust that number to your needs. You may find that you need some quick-dry nappies or some more absorbent night nappies or a nappy that has inserts that can be put in the drier.

With my first baby I started with 24 bamboo OSFM pocket nappies and later on ended up getting 6 more quick drying microfiber OSFM nappies to help me through the Winter months and rainy spells.

When my second baby was born I had two in cloth nappies. I got 10 more nappies to increase my stash to 40 and found that this number worked well for us. With two in cloth I washed more often – 4 loads of nappies per week instead of 2 or 3.

If you want to cloth nappy part time a good idea is to start with 5-10 nappies and work up from there. This will allow you to use a couple of nappies per day over or use cloth for 1 or 2 days out of a week.

Remember you can always start with a few nappies and build up your stash gradually after you find what works well.

A word of warning – cloth nappy buying can be addictive! It is not uncommon for people to get such joy from their fluffy gorgeous nappies that they have stashes of over 100 or more.