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Bambams are a fitted cloth nappy specifically designed to fit every single newborn no matter how small they are! Because they are made from 2 layers of thick and lush bamboo terry, the whole nappy is not only super absorbent but because it doesn't have any snaps or velcro it moulds to fit a newborn perfectly. 

Bambams close with a snappi giving a much better fit than a snap or touch tape closure. If you aren't a fan of snappi's that's ok, when your baby is young they don't move around very much so you can use the cover to close them. We are just finishing off our bambam video which shows this technique.

As bambams are fitted nappies they do require a cover, we recommend using one of our PUL Gusseted covers as the perfect combination. A fitted nappy and a gusseted cover will contain anything your baby can throw at it!

  • Composition - 90/10 Bamboo/Cotton Terry
  • Closure - Snappi
  • Cover Required - Yes
  • Sizing - Premmie to 8kgs
  • Edging - Mocha Swirl

Check out the Bubblebubs video

Newborn Part Time Pack

  • 12 bambams
  • 3 Newborn Covers
  • 2 Snappi's
  • Bonus - 1 Ai2 Candie for when bub outgrows newborn nappies!

Newborn Full Time Pack

  • 24 Bambams
  • 6 Newborn Covers
  • 4 Snappi's (2 packs of 2)
  • Bonus Candie Ai2 for when bub outgrows the bambams!
  • Pack valued at $709.35
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