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Pop-in Nappy OSFM V2

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Say “hello” to the unique hybrid reusable cloth nappy system, that combines the convenience of the all-in-one with the comfort and absorbency of the two-part system. 

Makes Life Simpler

With its clever waterproof shell that holds a soaker and booster popped in together, the Pop-in single nappy is made of bamboo and has sweet stretch tabs that ensure the perfect fit.

The double leg gussets ensure no leakages and the extra absorbent panel concealed within the gusset of the outer shell holds in the wetness,  so you get precious extra sleep during the middle-of-the night.

Plus, during the night, the Pop-in’s clever little night time booster will help keep baby dry ensuring nothing but dream filled nights, for YOU and them!


Makes Parenting Easier

In delightfully cute prints, the Pop-in is smartly designed to ensure it fits most babies from birth to potty training.

Imagine the savings in money and the convenience of always having a nappy at hand!!

PLUS, you’re making a huge impact by keeping disposables out of landfills and nasty chemicals away from your baby!

The sweet designs mean that you can actually “dress” baby up in minutes with just a nappy and tee or vest, especially during the summer!

Also available are Pop-in Bamboo Packages that come in an even mix of bright or pastel block colours.

The Pop-in Bamboo Nappy package is the ultimate nappy kit for the new parent. With 3 options to choose from, the package includes everything you need to start with cloth nappies, in eco-friendly, antibacterial, antifungal and absorbent bamboo.

Bamboo is the perfect choice for parents who are concerned about sensitive or allergy prone skin, or those who simply want an alternative to cotton or man-made fibres.


Pop-in packs contain an even mix of colours (bright or pastel palette). 

Little Box


5 complete pop-in nappies

1 nighttime booster

RRP $179.95


Middle Box


10 complete pop-in nappies

3 nighttime boosters

1 small wet bag

1 roll of 80 liners

RRP $349.95


Big Box


20 complete pop-in nappies

6 nighttime boosters

1 medium wet bag

1 pack of 160 liners

RRP $679.95

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Pop-in V2 Nappy Hedgehog - Front_LR.jpg
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