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The Lenny - Complete Cloth Nappy Pack

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In this complete pack you will love the combination of 12 Seedling Baby Pocket nappies and 12 of the beloved Bubblebubs Candies which are an all-in-two side snapping nappy. Both these nappies are one-size-fits-most and have two rows of snaps ensuring that you get the perfect fit on your baby. 

As a bonus, both of these brands have components that you can use with newborn covers for the first few weeks. I have added some newborn covers and a snappy as an optional extra if you want to get them with this pack.

The Lenny - Complete Nappy Pack includes:

12 x Bubblebubs Candies

12 x Seedling Baby Pockets

1 x Large Baby Beehinds wetbag

1 x Small Bambooty wetbag

2 x Rolls of Bambooty Cloth Wipes

1 x phone consultation

Optional + 6 Baby Beehinds newborn covers + 1 snappi

I will be in contact with you after you order to confirm your preference in colours and prints available



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