Bubblebubs Candies – All in two cloth nappies, one size fits most


Bubblebubs Candies have a great reputation in the cloth nappy world for a reason. They are a superb quality all in two, one size fits most modern cloth nappy. Bubblebubs candies include a waterproof PUL cover with side snaps, a snap in trifold insert with a stay-dry layer and a single insert.

  • One Sized fitting from 4kgs to 15kgs
  • Side Snapping giving a great fit around legs and waist
  • Outer of super soft minky and inner of smooth suedecloth
  • Can be used with our Snap in Bamboo Booster set that gives up to 12 layers of absorbency, or as a cover over our fitted nappies.
  • If aired out between uses, the covers can be used multiple times during a day.